What are the benefits of hiring a vCISO?  A critical addition to your C-Suite Team

If you’re thinking about hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for your organization’s vital security needs in this unprecedented time, you’re not alone. The 2018 Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS), a joint survey conducted by CIO, CSO, and PwC, concluded that 85% of organizations have a CISO or equivalent. In many of these organizations, the CISO is as indispensable as a Chief Financial Officer.


The CISO primarily ensures that the organization’s assets, systems, and employees are protected from both external and internal cybersecurity threats. The CISO role continues to broaden, encompassing risks found in business processes, information security, supply chain security, customer privacy, compliance, and more. For many organizations, the skills set is expanding rapidly and the cost to find someone with all of these capabilities is becoming more and more expensive and challenging. These challenges have resulted in the “virtual” CISO (vCISO) innovation.


The Best Companies Are Turning to vCISO’s

Companies have increasingly been turning to vCISO, the latest trend in cybersecurity hiring. vCISO’s are not traditional employees that require significant investment, nor are they outside consultants who are culturally disconnected from your teams. They are somewhere in between.


Rather, vCISO are similar to executives that may work from multiple locations and are “virtually” available at your convenience. Imagine having a global “CXO” that is always only an email or phone call away!


This is exactly where the “virtual” CISO role fits and fractionally becomes much more affordable for the business. This is why organizations have increasingly been turning to vCISO providers like Found IT Data Cybersecurity to meet this challenge.


5 Reasons You Need a vCISO

vCISO’s are popular because they bring a range of benefits over an FTE employee. Let’s explore the five we think are most vital.


  1. Proven, Tested Cybersecurity Leadership: vCISO help you stay on the cutting edge of security. Cybersecurity talent is tough to find. A day hardly goes by without an article or newscast lamenting the cybersecurity talent shortages. But with vCISO services, you gain access to top cybersecurity talent that you might not otherwise be able to access. You get someone who has “sat in the seat” before and has the credentials and experience to succeed in your cybersecurity projects.
  2. Affordability: The process of finding a qualified CISO can be expensive, requiring advertising, interviewing, hiring, and the latest training. Full-time CISO salaries are rising rapidly. “It’s a full-on war for cyber talent,” says the managing partner Caldwell Partners cited in the Insurance Journal. “Everyone’s throwing money at this.” A vCISO service provider is a cost-effective alternative because you’re typically retaining a vCISO service on a fractional subscription basis, as opposed to paying for a fulltime employee. Additionally, vCISO don’t require employee benefits.
  3. Always Available: Most onsite CISO aren’t on call 24/7, 365 days per year. With a company that offers vCISO services, your CISO is available anytime, anywhere. Plus, vCISO providers can monitor your organization more than an individual CISO can. With vCISO, you have a partner available whenever you need, whether for specific projects, strategy development, or a sounding board to give input or answer questions.
  4. Up-and-running immediately: In addition to substantial financial benefits, vCISO provide nearly immediate value. They are highly experienced and can hit the ground running. No days or weeks are lost due to onboarding or training.
  5. Free up resources: vCISO reduce costs while improving performance. With the money saved and expert guidance, you can invest more into managed security services, employee training, or a 24/7 managed detection and response service.


Today Is The Day To Learn More About vCISOs

Let’s face it, a CISO is a “must have” for any organization, especially those already digital or on the digitization journey. The problem is that the cost to retain this rare skill set in-house can be exorbitant. Found IT Data Cybersecurity’s vCISO service is exactly where businesses should start their journey.

Curious if vCISO services are right for your organization? Learn more about Found IT Data Cybersecurity’s vCISO service.