Cybersecurity Consulting Services

A Cybersecurity Consultant performs a variety of roles within the cybersecurity field. They play both the attacker and the defender in computer systems, networks, and software programs. Seeing what weaknesses there are and figuring out how to strengthen systems to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities. With global hackers thinking up news ways to commit online fraud, the demand for cybersecurity consultants has significantly increased.

Weaknesses in information security can jeopardize your mission, threaten your profitability, and invite fines and penalties from regulatory bodies. If you aren’t completely confident in your information security posture or your ability to manage IT risk, contact FID Cybersecurity. Our cybersecurity consultants provide services and solutions that deliver continuous security assurance for business, government, and critical infrastructure. FID Cybersecurity protects leading organizations in financial services, healthcare, technology and other industries, including members of the Fortune 500.

Security Training and Awareness Services

Security awareness training is one of the keys to any successful security program,  No matter how well-documented your policies and processes or how your technology is configured, human risk is still the number one significant risk to consider.  Build a customized security awareness training program based around threats that apply to your organization.

  • Security Program Training Development 
  • Onboarding Training
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Privacy Training Program Development

Enterprise Cybersecurity Expertise

The FID Cybersecurity team consists of highly skilled, certified IT security experts and engineers. We specialize in:

  • Developing, evaluating and implementing cybersecurity policy
  • Conducting risk and vulnerability assessments
  • GRC Assessments (Governance, Risk, Compliance)
  • Digital forensics services
  • Vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Internal and external penetration testing
  • Policy and plan development
  • Configuration management, design, and remediation
  • Enterprise security architecture design and re-design
  • Malicious code review
  • Computer security incident response
  • Engineering and architecture design
  • Operations management
  • Application and software security assurance
  • Insider threat and APT assessment
  • Social engineering (targeted phishing)
  • IT risk management and compliance

Most importantly, when you’re a FID Cybersecurity customer, we commit to you as your partner not just another vendor in information security. Your problems are our problems; we are personally engaged with your project from initiation through completion, and dedicate ourselves to your needs when you retain our services on an ongoing basis. Throughout every consulting project, FID Cybersecurity shares its best practices and corporate knowledge. In this way, we transfer our expertise to our customers providing you with a level set and the ability to confidently monitor, manage, and improve your risk posture on an ongoing basis.

Cybersecurity Risk Consulting

Cyber risk was considered an emerging risk a decade ago, but today it has grown into a liability that costs businesses billions annually. The increasing frequency, sophistication, and ever-changing nature of cyber intrusions and data breaches continually challenge organizations’ cyber mitigation and risk management teams.

Sophisticated cyber criminals put business-critical information, intellectual property, financial data, and personally identifiable information at risk. They can cause major business disruptions, public release of confidential information, reputational damage, and other negative financial and operational impacts.

FID Cybersecurity addresses the essential elements of cybersecurity – from strategy, governance, and enterprise risk management to controls architecture, implementation, and management. Tailoring to your specific business environment and requirements, our services, industry expertise, and our actionable insights will help you make informed cybersecurity risk management decisions to improve your resilience in the face of ever-growing cyber threats.

       FID Cybersecurity partners with VENSEARCH Technology Advisors & Consultants. 
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